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SharpHeels feature Horsepower and Heels — Horsepower & Heels

Racecar Driver (and Marketing Manager!) Erica Ortiz: An Energetic Advocate for Women in Drag Racing Check out this feature on Horsepower & Heels driver and founder, Erica Ortiz.   The article talks about being a female racecar driver and what … [Read More]

RJS Logo

RJS Racing > Sponsor Spotlight

RJS Racing RJS Racing joined the Horsepower & Heels team in 2015 to ensure Erica is safe and secure in the Horsepower & Heels Pro Mod Mustang.   RJS Racing manufactures safety equipment, restraints and accessories that meet stringent SFI … [Read More]

Excesssive Motorsports

Excessive Motorsports > Sponsor Spotlight

Excessive Motorsports Excessive Motorsports joined the Horsepower & Heels team in 2015, teaming to provide support on the rotating assembly of Erica's new Twin Turbocharged Big Block Ford powerplant. Company Overview Excessive Motorsports, LLC … [Read More]

Grand Prix at TRC

Racing on the Clock

It's Friday, and just before lunchtime, I was informed that a group of my colleagues were taking a "Team building" field trip to Tampa Bay Grand Prix for a little lunchtime racing.   Apparently, a few had done this before and now were opening up the … [Read More]

Erica Enders-Stevens hoists Wally

Erica Enders-Stevens doubles up on Racer of the Year

Good news this week as Racer Magazine announces their annual Racer of the Year awards.     One of my favorite ladies in racing, Erica Enders-Stevens captured not just one, but TWO Racer of the Year awards, gaining the ultimate overall category win as … [Read More]