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Speed Scene Live Episode 577

Speed Scene Live TV- Erica Ortiz returns

Erica Ortiz returns to Pro Mod Horsepower and Heels Racing driver Erica Ortiz joins Scott "Lucky" Hudson, Diana-mite, Bruce Barker, Bob Beck and the rest of the Speed Scene Live TV crew on air to discuss her history in drag racing, the struggles … [Read More]


Garage Area Racing- Driver of the Day

The Podium- Driver of the Day Horsepower and Heels Racing driver, Erica Ortiz was featured on Garage Area Racing's Daily Podium as the Driver of the Day for April 22, 2015. Visit Garage Area Published Online: April 22, 2015 … [Read More]

Inside Southwire Newsletter

Inside Southwire- Erica Ortiz overcomes adversity

Erica Ortiz Overcomes Adversity, Fights to Reclaim Racing Dream Southwire is the leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity in North America.   They are also the parent company to TRC, the company … [Read More]

Horsepower & Heels crew

ReIgnite Perk: BLAZE $100

ReIgnite Horsepower & Heels:  BLAZE $100 Contribution Start the BLAZE, join the CREW!  For your $100 BLAZE contribution, you receive: Personalized Horsepower & Heels Autographed Hero Card Your name on the Horsepower & Heels … [Read More]

men's horsepower and heels pin-up t-shirt

ReIgnite Perk: FLAME $50

ReIgnite Horsepower & Heels:  FLAME $50 Contribution "From a little spark may burst a FLAME." Be the FLAME that gets Horsepower & Heels Racing back on track!    For your $50 contribution, you will receive: Personalized Horsepower & … [Read More]