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Erica Ortiz is a professional drag racer from the all-female pro modified team Horsepower & Heels and strong advocate of women in motorsports. A veteran both behind the wheel and behind a torque wrench, Erica brings over 10 years of experience navigating the male-dominated motor sports arena from the female perspective.

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Erica Enders-Stevens doubles up on Racer of the Year

Erica Enders-Stevens hoists Wally

Good news this week as Racer Magazine announces their annual Racer of the Year awards.     One of my favorite ladies in racing, Erica Enders-Stevens captured not just one, but TWO Racer of the Year awards, gaining the ultimate overall category win as … [Read more...]

Girls Torque Collector Cards

Girl Torque Racing Collector Cards

I came across a great opportunity for Women in Motorsports or supporters of ladies who race that I wanted to share. is a long-running website based in Australia that is dedicated to helping girls succeed in motor sports.   … [Read more...]

Featured Site:


In my search for all things Women and Racing, I tend to wear out Google trying to stay updated on all the ladies out there.  Believe me, the search isn't as easy as it seems.  After weeding through the hottest driver articles that tend to populate … [Read more...]

Woman Driver Advisory: Speed Dating

cool story bro

As a woman in the racing world, or even a car enthusiast in general, you get your fair share of guys that want to "Show you how its done, sweetheart" on a regular basis.   I could write a book on the amount of smug one-liners people would throw my … [Read more...]

Women in Racing Database

Women Racing Database

A major part of seeing Women in Motorsports succeed, is being able to share with the world our successes and our individual stories. Part of the difficulty I've seen and experienced as both a racer myself and a contributing writer, is getting more … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Gearhead Tour

Carroll Shelby Museum

One good thing that comes from traveling for business, is that occasionally I get to do/see some interesting places that I likely would not have had the chance. This week, I traveled to Las Vegas for a convention in the RV industry, but thanks to … [Read more...]

The end of an era

Force and Chevy

For the past several decades, the name Force has always been synonymous with Ford Racing.    Whether you are a drag racing fan or not, chances are you know John Force Racing as the longstanding ambassador of Ford Motor Company. John Force Racing in … [Read more...]

Resolutions for Racers

Racing Resolutions

As one year comes to a close and another begins, most people look inside to reflect on how their year has progressed and how they can improve for the New Year.    Resolutions are often made, with varying degrees of commitment and success. As racers, … [Read more...]

Writing good press releases for media coverage

press badge

One thing I’ve learned during the 4 years I’ve spent writing my Women in Racing column for Examiner, is that it’s really hard to get racers to submit timely news for coverage.   For the life of me, I cannot figure this out.   Maybe because my … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

New Year 2015

Happy New Year! Here's to a prosperous and most importantly SAFE 2015 to all our family and friends! We have a lot of exciting things in the works here at Horsepower & Heels.  We can't wait for what's in store!   Hang on for the ride in … [Read more...]