Enders/Anderson controversy

So, I’ve made the commitment to myself to get back on the wagon of writing in this blog more often.   Racecar ready or not, I enjoyed blogging all about different things related to NHRA, drag racing or women racing in general, and a lot of that stopped when I started writing my Women In Motorsports column for Examiner.com.

There probably isn’t a good segway into getting back into it beside just jumping in with both feet, so I guess there is no better place to start than a little Pro Stock controversy.

Enders' infamous shot in front of Greg Anderson's trailer.

The infamous and controversial shot of Erica Enders in front of Greg Anderson’s trailer after her Chicago win.

Now, I’m naturally a strong women in motorsports advocate, so this comes with obvious bias, but I’ll present the facts and let you make your own determination.

This weekend at the NHRA Sonoma Nationals, after an apparent little staging battle during Round 2 eliminations between Greg Anderson and Erica Enders, Greg Anderson voiced his displeasure with Erica during his ESPN2 top-end interview, calling her unprofessional and accusing her of being unsportsmanlike in actions following her first NHRA Pro Stock win 5 weeks earlier, where she defeated him.

Apparently, the ill-comments stemmed from a photo taken of Enders hoisting her Wally after the win in front of Greg Anderson’s trailer.   (seen at left)

Now, the background story behind this photo, at least for us with a sense of humor, is that Greg made multiple comments to the press over the past few years that he didn’t want to be “that guy” who lost to Enders for her elusive first win.  To me, that was a repeated jab against Enders, who took it in stride and never made much ado about what could have also been viewed as a rather childish comment to be made repeatedly about a competitor.

Nearly 5 weeks after that incident, Greg took to the ESPN2 airwaves to comment on the situation regarding the staging battle and her post-race win behavior.

“Sorry for her luck. It’s always good when you race her and I’ve said it all along … she kicked my butt in Chicago. I really didn’t appreciate some of the things she did after that race … it was, in my mind, a little unprofessional. I think the karma train got her a little bit there. She’s a great racer but you have to be professional.” — Greg Anderson

My personal thought is that the photo was good-natured jesting by Enders, who celebrating her victory also was able to point out the irony in the fact that despite his many comments to the contrary, he was in fact “that guy” who lost to her in her first win.

What I did find a bit childish was the staging battle.    Sure, its legal, but its awful immature to resort to treating her like that on the track.  It worked to his favor, as she red-lit in this round handing him the win, but sure doesn’t paint him as the most sportsmanlike competitor.

What do YOU think of the controversy?  Do you think Erica Enders was unprofessional in taking that photo or was Greg Anderson the first low blow with his comments about being “that guy” to lose to Enders?


  1. Roy Smith says

    I think the picture is out of respect for being able to beat a power house which Greg Anderson is. I think he should feel good that it was such a big step for Erica to be able to beat Greg.

    • R Brown says

      I too agree that Greg is being a whiner about this. jason too can be a big baby, look back to the last race jason had in his Pontiac. He had Greg in the final and Greg had the new camero. Jason lost, his actions made me feel like he was told to lose to Greg to bring the new Camero in with a win! I hope Erica and Greg can put this behind them, she doesn’t need the added stress!

    • Jerry W. Chester says

      The comments that Greg made on National TV against Erica Enders and her team/sponsors is the lowest of lows I have heard or seen since all my years involved in NHRA Dragracing since 1959.
      Shame on you Greg Anderson for the “Drive by shooting”, “Pearl Harbor” comments.
      I have lost all respect Greg Anderson as a Professional Racer.
      Greg, you owe their team and sponsors a huge appology on National TV no less than the US Nationals and/or Pomona Finals.

    • says

      YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Erica, You go girl. Greg is such a poor, poor looser. He needs to pull up his big boy pants and get over himself. I literally, LMAO. Collect those WALLY’S girl.

      • Just Another Woman says

        Hey everyone Greg Anderson is sour grapes every time things don’t go his way. This was the ultimate insult to his ego. Yes, I think it was an ego thing. He did not to be the one to be beaten by “A WOMAN”.

        Erica’s picture was in just. She was memoralizing the moment. Had Greg not stated over and over again that he did not want to be “that guy” she propably would not have taken that picture. But he was the guy so buck up and go on.

  2. Ken Bradford says

    I find the whole situation kind of amusing. I personally am proud of Erica and I am glad to see that she is improving and winning, no matter who it is against. And I still have a great amount of respect for Greg too. I think that he is just frustrated right now with the conversion from the Pontiacs to the Chevrolet Camaros.
    My son and I have had the pleasure of meeting both Greg and Jason Line at events and driver meet and greets. My congratulations to all of the drivers in the Pro Stock series. All of you are the greatest!

    • Just Another Woman says

      “Ken Bradford says -I think that he is just frustrated right now with the conversion from the Pontiacs to the Chevrolet Camaros.”

      So what you take out your frustration on your fellow racers? What kind of sportsmanship is that?

  3. says

    Sounds like Greg needs to gain a bunch of perspective….the picture is harmless, and he’s looking real silly in this deal. Man up, Greg………..she didn’t hurt you!

  4. Judy Greiter says

    Greg Anderson is a whiner- always has been- almost as bad as Shirley Muldowney and Cruz
    Pedregon. No grace in losing~

  5. says

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your comments!

    I haven’t written in this blog for so long, so I’m pretty excited to see so many people still reading! That’s motivation right there!

    You know, both of them are great racers, and this really isn’t such a big deal in my opinion other than the fact that it makes Greg look a little trivial with such snarky comments. I have a feeling that this is going to play out for the rest of the season though in the media.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in future match-ups. Just hope the starting line games end. No one likes being done that way at the tree.

    • Mike says

      The Picture was uncalled for and his comments were BS he should have went and talked to her in person. Why not call her out it takes 2 for a staging duel to happen I’m glad that Erica has learned to drive. I hope she wins many more.

  6. David Carleton says

    Anderson is part of what is probably the best funded Pro Stock team in the sport. He is and always has been a whiner and a cry baby. When he wins, his overblown ego is in full view. He is unable to lose gracefully. He has worked with the best in the business. Enders path to finally winning has been rocky, at best. She has an outstanding crew chief. Poor little Greg will always and forever be “that guy” who lost to a girl.She beat him fair and squre. His comments are right up there with sometime NASCAR driver Robby Gordon who complained that Danica Patrick had an advantage because she weighed less than the men in the sport. Perhaps a fund should be started to get a massage for his bruised ego.

    • Gregg says

      Ding Ding Ding… we have a winner. David hit the nail on the head. The Guy is an egomanical as they come. It comes out in interviews, he simply can’t contain it. He should take a page out of his teamate Jason Line’s book, or Mike Neff, Doug Kalitta etc who all race for well funded teams but they are not cry baby whiners when they get beaten. When he gets beaten his voice tome is like he is going to cry… who cares about a photo of Enders holding the trophy in froont of his trailer….. dosent mean a thing

  7. Brian Mingle says

    I don’t see anything wrong with Eric posing in front of Greg’s hauler. It was just some friendly ribbing, and Greg is the one being a baby. I never really cared for Greg anyway. I always thought he was a bit of an ego freak, so I was glad that Erica beat him! It should have humbled him, but it just bruised his ego, causing him to be a jerk. When I heard his interview after the race I said, should we call the waambulance Greg? Maybe give you an order of french cries?

  8. mike motta says

    I think that Greg is still part of the Old Boy Network who still gets a little antsy when it comes to women racing. It’s ok as long as it’s not against him. I would agree with him if Erica were a rookie and did that. But Erica has been racing since she was a young girl and has been racing pro stock for eight years. I’m sure that if WJ pulled off a vicory against him, and had his picture taken in front of his trailer, Greg would have been all smiles.

    But these types of controversies are great for racing. It’s better than the crybaby Tony Pedregon vs, John Force issue a few years ago.

  9. Larry Schmid says

    I found the comments by Greg to be poorly timed and inappropriate from a “professional”. I thought Erica going right over to confront Greg on the comments and they way she handled it to be spot on! Way to go Erica!

  10. Jesse James says

    If Anderson wants to talk about sportsmanship maybe he should remember what he did to Warren Johnson when he left.

  11. Liz Snyder says

    I believe being professional is not only in what you do, but the way in which you do it. Sure, Erica posed in front of Greg’s trailer with her trophy, but in my eyes, she deserves to celebrate. She is the first female pro stock driver to win a national event. Who wouldn’t want a photo to commemorate this first? There is nothing threatening in her body language in this photo. She is excited and proud and yes, maybe even a little thrilled to have had her first win against the person who said more than one time on national tv that he didn’t want to be “that guy”. The first anyone heard of this supposed unprofessional conduct came from Greg after he won a round of racing. Most drivers thank their sponsors and crew, but Greg chose to use those few seconds of tv time to vent over the way Erica acted 5 races ago. A true professional would have brought the issue up privately. He blind-sided her with something that she probably didn’t know existed. I was happy to see Erica confront Greg right there and ask why he didn’t mention it to her before. Maybe Ken Black needs to pull “that guy” aside and explain that being a professional includes having high moral and ethical standards. And just so no one thinks I am picking solely on Greg Anderson, there are several other drivers that could benefit from this lesson, namely the Pedregon brothers.

    that you Good manners high moral and ethical standards.

  12. Scott W. says

    I think Greg need to grow up. I’ll bet the photo-opp was probably the idea of Erica’s sponsor or plublicity people, not Erica herself.

    I agree with Judy Greiter’s comment above when she compared Greg’s whining to Shirley Muldowney. Greg’s not happy because he’s not dominating anymore. Losing to Erica just pushed him over the edge. Greg has always been a whiner and a crybaby. I get pleasure when he gets beat.

  13. Doug says

    Let me preface this with the fact that I think Greg handled the situation unprofessionally. It should’ve been addressed privately. However, a lot of people like to harp on the fact that he brought it up a month or so after she won in Chicago. Does anyone really know when he found out about the photo? I follow NHRA drag racing religiously and Sunday was the first time I heard about it. Heck, even the announcers didn’t initially know what the beef was about.

    “Staging battle….resort to treating her like that”? How is the staging battle his fault? She could’ve staged anytime she wanted.

  14. Jim Beam says

    The reason I don’t have a problem with the photo is the fact Anderson has said on more than one occasion is that he did not want to be that guy. In other words, I don’t want to lose to a girl.

    Out of one side of his mouth, he talks about how great a driver she is and their team is very capable of winning every Sunday out here. If you believe that Greg, then what’s the big deal.

    You lost to a great team/driver.

  15. Dan says

    When I originally saw her win at Chicago I thought she did a good job with the top end interview. That is why I was surprised this past weekend with what Greg had to say. After seeing the photo I have to say that I lost some respect for her. Everyone is talking about how Greg is a poor loser, but after seeing this I do not believe she is a gracious winner.

    I am not a big Greg Anderson fan, but the KB cars are the standard when it comes to winning. To get a win over Greg is a huge deal. But by posing with the wally in front of his trailer, I do not see how this wasn’t malicious on her part.

    It might have been OK if Erica received permission to take the photo or if it was in-front of the trailer of someone as accomplished as her.

    @ Doug: Good point on the staging duel. It does take two to tango.

  16. Millie says

    Greg is sounding a lot like Kyle Busch. A GREAT big cry baby. Sounds like Erica and her team was just having a little fun. If Greg had not made the comments earlier on, then there would not have been anything to poke some fun at. Suck it up Greg …. You got beat by a girl.

  17. tom says

    I think Greg just needs to man up! If anything i feel his comments about Erica were unprofessional. What shebwas just good fun. If you can’t let the girl enjoy her impressive win over you, than u just need to keep your mouth shut! I’m a huge fan of Ericas and i pull for her every race. I hope she faces him in another final round real soon and smokes him! I used to be a fan of his, but I’ve lost all respect for Greg. He should go back to his trailer and cry in private because I’m tired or seeing. Go Erica enders!

  18. Willie Goble says

    Greg beanderson has always been a whiner when he loses!! He has the best funded race car team in prostock and cant stand to be beat by a women! Wake up Greg its not all about you and you have always shown poor sportmanship!

  19. Diane Grassi says

    I guess everyone has lost their sense of humor? The NHRA season is a veritable grind for drivers and crews. It has now become a year-round business.

    And there have been so few women on the tour, historically,that the one time they try to stick it to a guy after a win, in good fun, they get retailiation in spades.

    Lighten up guys! If you’re so secure in your “manhood” then buck up!

  20. hairy pearce says

    Greg, is just not use to the summit boys
    getting their butts kicked by the MOPAR
    group of racers, First Enders now Allen

  21. rich s says

    Anderson is, and has been the biggest cry baby – whiner in NHRA.

    He’s worse than Whit Bazemore and Tony and Cruz Petregon..

  22. says

    Gregg is a Giant Cry Baby!! I can’t stand to listen to him anymore. It’s OK for him to dish it out, but he doesn’t like it when it comes around.I hopr Erica beats him every time!!

  23. old school says

    at least in the old days when shirley beat the boys they just wanted to punch her in the nose but they were men and not wine about it, and she could really push you. money can buy you championships but it can not not replace being a champion.

  24. David Carleton says

    One last comment and then I’m finished. At Sonoma, Anderson said, “I think the karma train got her [Enders] a little bit there.” I’m not sure what a “karma train” is but I can only assume that Anderson was referring to the fact that Enders red lighted thus giving Anderson a freebie. Sounds to me like a fancy way of saying, “Payback is bitch.” Here’s my question: What in the world did Anderson do, or not do, that caused the karma train to burn his trailer/hauler and its contents to the ground?

  25. Greg says

    I was a Greg Anderson fan until his childish and unprofessional rant. I am no longer a fan of his!!! Go Erica, I hope you meet him in the finals this weekend and kick his butt!!!!!

  26. ken w. says

    Wow greg and his wife can cry together now. I see the andersons dont like it when they lose,and let everybody know when they win.I think there sponors need to teach greg how to be a real sportsman and not a sportsgirl. All Erica did was take a picture of the first team she won her first wally against .Summit Racing needs to teach greg anderson what racing is. Some days you win and some days you loose. If you didn’t have other racers to race you wouldn”t have this sport.

  27. dave says

    Greg worked with Warren Johnson for years and NO ONE whined like WJ. Connolly is her crew chief and WJ never liked Dave.
    Greg doesn’t lose much and maybe he doesn’t like loosing.
    OR, Perhaps he wants women in racing to jump up and down at the starting line and NOT in the drivers seat….
    Good for Enders for beating him for her 1st Pro win….

  28. Georgie Nolin says

    I think Greg is a big baby. He talks about professionalism and respect why didn’t he go to Erica personally if he was so offended instead of airing it on national television. He’s such a hypocrite, he needs to start being a man instead of a sore loser!

  29. stacy says

    I had been a fan of the Summit Racing Team but always hated when Greg made those comments about not wanting to be “that guy” who loses to Erica. I have lost all my respect for Greg because of those comments he made after “winning” that round. If he had a problem with anything she did after her first win he should have manned up and talked to her privately. Not insulting and blindside her on national television. I have so much respect for Erica and her commitment to Drag Racing.

  30. Gary says

    When Greg lost to Erica and was crying about being “that guy” I knew then, that he was over reacting. I never would have thought of him as “that guy” until he he whined about it. Now I will always remember who Erica beat for her first win. I always was a fan of Greg, but I have to admit that I have lost respect for “that guy” . Greg, grow up, suck it up, and take it like a man. It was only a photo. If it was no big deal like you said on tv then why bring it up. If you want to quiver lip like Matt H. did when he lost last year. Go to the end of the track and don’t talk to anybody.

  31. Bob Beaudette says

    I think Greg Anderson is the one here with no class. His comment about being ‘that guy’ to lose to her was completely chauvinist and shows that he thinks women racers are below him. Kind of like Schumacher and Hillary Will a few years ago. Tony made some similar jabs at Hillary after she beat him. Greg to me was being a crybaby to do what he did after beating her with Gary Gerould on ESPN2. What she did was not that big of a deal IMHO

  32. Peter Young says

    Hey Greg Pedregon, harden up mate and move on. You got beaten by a girl, I would get used to it because Erica is going to do it again one day, soon.

  33. dave potanko says

    It must really cloud your vision when your at the top looking down. Greg the whiner should take it as a compliment that the first woman to win in prostock wanted to have her picture taken in front of his trailer. They are the team to beat, even though I hate to admit it, just another reason to throw that gm junk catalog in the trash GO MOPAR I DON’T CARE IF THERE IS A CHIMP DRIVING!!

  34. Dan B. says

    Greg you are the most stuckup driver I’ve ever watched and you call erica on the carpet for that, you have to be kidding me!!!! If anybody has been UNPROFESSIONAL over the years I do believe you get that trouphy!!!!

  35. bill says

    What I see in that picture is Erica standing next to the trailer of the person she beat to win that wally.
    Pictures of this nature are a reminder of who she raced when I see it 5 yrs later

  36. dennis m steever says

    Greg Anderson is the BIGGEST cry baby I have ever seen in professional Drag racing.
    Except when he is wining or is he always wineing!!!!!!!

  37. scott r says

    you gotta love it.you don,t wanna be that guy,wellYOU ARE THAT GUY.no one in drag racing will ever forget it either.i used to like you until you head got so big it barely fits in your car.i hope she beats you every time you 2 race.

  38. Darin Mangelsen says

    I guess we now know what kind of loser Greg Anderson is.I guess he doesn’t mind losing to a man but he can’t take losing to a woman.Hats off to Erica for getting her first win over ‘That Guy’.Greg needs to show more class and suck it up,its not the stoneage anymore,women are now allowed to vote and drive race cars.I really hope that Erica’s next win is against ‘That Guy’.

  39. sean says

    My take is it wasn’t professional to take the pic in front of the trailer as Erica did. Now Greg’s response back was equally as bad.

  40. Joe says

    Since they were in Sonoma, Erica should have offered him some cheese to Anderson to go with his whine. Man up.

    • Bonnie Frank says

      Well Erica took the high road and her second Wally. It was sweet to watch her give Greg Anderson the Karma he had coming.

  41. Eddie Parker says

    Appearant;y professional whiner Warren Johnson taught Anderson more than just technology during his tenure with him, no one whines more than Johnson when he gets beat which is quite a lot lately.Anderson says Erica neets to show sportsmanship well that door swings two ways he & his teammate cant take getting beat it almost reduced them to tears every time Jeg Coughlin beat them in the car that is now Erica’s,I always cheer for their opponent who ever it is.

  42. dan spangler says

    greg anderson should know all about karma after his comments about not wanting to be “that guy” time after time.the photo probably never would have been taken if would have kept his big mouth shut talk about unprofesional. no one cares what greg anderson says or thinks and it won’t be the last time she loads you on the trailer.keep up the hard work erica and many more wally’s are sure to come. hope they don’t do a gender test on anderson that might change everything

  43. mike baker says

    After all the success and championships that Anderson has had, I guess he has not learned anthing along the way about be a good sportsman. He forgets how much glee he took in kicking everyone elses butt for the last couple of years. Now between Allen and Erica he is getting a little taste of his own medicine. I have been an Anderson fan, but I’m not a fan of cry babies and using the media to do your dirty work.

  44. Mark says

    Greg is an obvious misogynist. His “that girl” remarks prove it. He needs to lose his sponsorship or apologize.

  45. C-Lee says

    So, how does it feel now for Summits two BIGGEST CRYBABIES

    She flat out BEAT BOTH of you ARROGANT CRYBABIES!!!
    Can’t wait till SHE DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wouldn’t you just have loved to be a fly on the wall in the Summit hauler? Greg is forever “that guy.” He can’t stand it. What to do? Greg must have picked up the bar tab for everyone at Summit when he went from “that guy” to just one of “those guys.” Of course, both of “those guys” are from Summit. Doesn’t Summit have a third car? Go Erica Enders.

  47. youngs79 says

    Erica Enders should have shown some respect and professionalism. Greg Anderson has won more races in one season then that $#itch will win in her career. I thought she showed absolutely no class what so ever. Do you think Greg Anderson would ever take a picture in front of her trailer? Never happen. Greg has humbled some of the best in his class, namely Warren Johnson. He will humble Enders as well. Drag racing does not need Erica Enders, she needs it and the sooner she figures that out the better.

    • David Carleton says

      I always like to read petty responses from people who hide behind a moniker. Anderson does the equivalent of a floor show in Las Vegas every time he wins a race. He is good, no doubt. So is Jason Line who I think is better because he knows how to turn a wrench. But “youngs79” says Enders needs to be humbled. I guess that means “youngs79” considers her two wins to be quite significant. Perhaps if Enders had a father like John Force, “youngs79” wouldn’t be so quick to call her a “$#itch.” At least have the strength of your convictions to say it. Call her a “bitch.” Or maybe you mean “witch.”

  48. Sex with Erica says

    Greg u are so right she was a sor winner so Greg a little unprofessional so ya u Are right
    But congrats to Courtney and Erica in Seattle

  49. Normally Loves Summit says

    I’m a huge Summit fan and purchase a lot of product from them. However, Greg’s negative comments were so unprofessional I placed my next parts order at JEGS! I won’t back a company that backs a champion that doesn’t act like one. I too believe Erica’s image of her in front of his hauler is the ultimate compliment to one of the sports most well known champions. You’re only the best when you beat the best.

  50. Jay says

    there was nothing wrong with the pic IMO. and Greg should have talked with Erica in private if he didn’t like the pic. as for the staging duel, I myself am a drag racer in sportsman pro and I always activate my top light before the other driver and then I wait for the other driver to activate the top light and then I activate my bottom light. there are no games with me when it comes to staging or racing and I do it this way out of respect for the other driver and for safety of the sport as playing games in such a sport can only lead to someone getting hurt.

  51. twotif says

    Obviously I’m a bit late to this discussion, but here’s my 2 cents anyway.

    Been watching drag racing since the late 70’s. Bug fan of the Great Shirley Muldowney. But the “Blue Max” team was my fave since they were from Dallas as am I.

    I’m also seemingly the ONLY Danika Patrick fan. I’d LOVE nothing more than for her to win the Daytona 500 tomorrow.

    I’ve got absolutely no problem whatsoever with women in any form of racing. If they’re good enough, then they belong. Simple as that. Had I had the funds 25 years ago, I wanted to and would have gotten my daughter into karting. She has very good driving instincts.

    BUT…………The very first time I ever saw Erica Enders(-Stevens?) do an interview I was immediately struck by what an arrogant Cee U Next Tuesday she is. Every time I’ve seen her talk since then has only confirmed my initial impression. She really needs to get knocked down a notch. Not because she’s a woman, but because of her disgusting arrogance!!! Apparently so does Greg Anderson. She’s like the Jyle Busch of the NHRA.

    One last thing. For those of you who like to speculate about what her intentions were in taking that picture. Unless you know for sure, you’re only misleading yourself and creating false impressions and memories. So unless you’ve heard her say exactly why she did that, then you simply have no clue whatsoever. So in your mind it was just a little good natured joke. But it my mind, it was an act of arrogance, and I base that on the evidence of previous observation.

  52. Mean Joe Green says

    Love YA Erica especially when when you kick Gregs butt. As far as sportsmanship, Greg doesn’t know what the word means.Miss seeing you on NHRA. Hope you find sponsorship soon.U GoGoGo Girl!!!!!!!!!


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